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The Parents and Citizens Association has laid down certain guidelines for the provision of school uniforms for boys and girls. It is hoped that pupils will take pride in the wearing of the established uniform at all times, for the sake of uniformity, pride in school, economy and durability. If difficulties arise, the school will provide a uniform for children for the day from an emergency uniform box. This policy is supported by the Staff of this school.

Children may wear shirts out during normal day routines, however, they will be expected to be tucked in for formal occasions such as parade, excursions, sporting trips, formal gatherings and community appearances.

Uniform guidelines


Black shoes with white socks. Because of Workplace, Health and Safety closed in shoes (joggers, sandshoes, etc) must be worn. Thongs, reefers, scuffs or other open footwear are considered dangerous and should not be worn to school, except for medical reasons.


Hats are part of the school uniform (The Workplace Health and Safety Act also applies to the wearing of hats). The hat is a black (or dark) wide brimmed one.

The school policy is simply: No wide brimmed hat, no play in the school play ground. Children with no hats are confined to under the main school building.

Sharing of hats even between members of the same family is not encouraged at school.

School uniform

All children are expected to wear the school uniform at all times. Where this is not possible for explained reasons by parents, the school will provide that part of the uniform for wear during the day or excursion. A resourced box of clean second hand uniforms will be kept within the school for this purpose. Our school will not permit children to travel or visit centres outside the school if not in uniform.

Year 6’s are presented with a special edition shirt and are welcome to wear these other than on official days or excursions.


Black pleated skirt with black bummers, shorts or skirts​.


Black short slack shorts.

Both boys and girls

Black collared orange polo shirts with the school emblem printed on the front. (These can be purchased from the school.)

Second hand uniforms

Second hand uniforms are available on request. Contact the school office.

Please refer to the Uniform policy (PDF, 111KB).